Cross That River: Black History Event

During these racially charged times in the United States with the focus on racial discrimination across the country, Cross That River takes audiences on a musical journey into why black lives matter. Cross That River represents a significant moment in American history where Black cowboys lived and helped settle the West. It is a story that’s never been told in this way.

The Lyric Theatre is proud to present this award-winning musical by Allan Harris on Thursday February 17th as a special Black History Month event. Tickets are available now at

The unsettled West of the 1860s provides a new life and new dreams for Blue, a run-away slave, who escapes from slavery to Texas to become one of America’s first Black Cowboys. This compelling tale of freedom integrates fiction with historical fact, and each song presents a different page in this complicated chapter of American History.

The story of Blue begins in Louisiana, and with every song of this highly-infectious score, the audience is moved further along on Blue’s harrowing journey across the Sabine River to freedom in the Wild West. Each song tells a unique story, at times joyful, sometimes tragic, but mostly a poignant chronicle of enduring perseverance. Award-winning musician Allan Harris wrote Cross That River to tell the untold story of the Black West and empower Americans with an inspiring story.

Regge Life - Best Director
Allan Harris - Lead Actor
Maya Azucena - Lead Actress
Best Musical

The Cast of Cross That River features creator and composer of Cross That River, Allan Harris narrator/vocals, Maya Azucena vocals, Carolyn Leonhart vocals, Joseff McKenneth vocals, Alan Grubner Nimrod Speaks bass violin, Arcoiris Sandoval piano, Seth Johnson guitar, Shirazette Tinnin drums/cajon, and Nimrod Speaks bass.

Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022

Time: 7:30pm to 12:00am

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