1001 Nights: One Veiling

On November 24, 2019, Mecca Live Studio & Gallery will celebrate its 20th Reunion in Lexington, KY by re-creating "One Veiling”, their premiere choreography for the stage from 2003. This 1001 Nights production will be at The Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center, 300 E. Third Street, starting at 7:00 p.m.  The studio which is known for its community productions, like the Thriller Parade, is inviting dancers to join its cast. Their fall class schedule will directly reflect the content for this show which is accessible to a variety of skill levels! It is not too late to join and be a part of this historic uniquely-Lexington event.

Mecca Live Studio & Gallery opened in April of 1999 as a place for multicultural forms of dance, performance, local art and expression. Through the years, Mecca has collaborated with many local artists, businesses and community groups such as Latitude, Third Street Stuff, The Children's Museum, UK Dance Ensemble, Parks and Recreation, WRFL, Lexington Action Arts Collective, The Lyric Theatre and more to create great performance art shows, theater productions and community inclusive events. Its annual recreation of Thriller is nationally recognized. Mecca is also the home of Rakadu, a nationally renowned Belly Dance Performance Company and was originally the playing and practice field for March Madness Marching Band, a local all volunteer fun-loving street marching band.

Teresa Tomb, Director of Mecca Live and Rakadu, will be bringing many of the original dancers to the stage for this 20th Reunion performance and collaborating with local and regional dancers to bring to Lexington a display of Fire and Fluidity, Work and Play, Love and Life in "One Veiling". Mecca is known for its multicultural forms of dance of flowing veils, Berber walks, Sufi twirling, and Flamenco fans that originate with the Roma diaspora from India through the Middle East and into Spain. Local performers include Mecca Student Dance Company, Rakadu Dance Theater, Shisha Tribal Belly Dance, Matt Elliott, Centre College Dance Department directed by Rebecca Stephenson, and Blackbird Dance Theater. Regional performers include Anaya Belly Dance from Cincinnati, and Daisy Ramos from Louisville Guest musicians include Lexington’s own Tripp Bratton, Julie Edwards, Jeff Watts, Diane Timmons and special guest Alma Gitana.  

The featured dancer and teacher for the weekend of "One Veiling” is Mardi Love, goddess and dancer extraordinaire returning to Lexington from New York with her special brand of beauty, skill, fun and poise. Dancers in the belly dance community know Mardi as an innovator in Tribal Fusion dance having started in California with Heather Stants from Urban Tribal Dance Company before moving to the Bay Area of San Francisco, the home of American Tribal Style® and the aesthetic, innovations and collaborations of Tribal Fusion between herself and Rachel Brice, Michelle Campbell, Zoe Jakes and others. Mardi has also toured with Bellydance Superstars and teaches internationally http://mardilove.com. And now she is coming to Lexington, KY to teach her special brand of belly dance workshops beginning at 6:00 pm on Friday, November 22 and all day Saturday, November 23, including an original choreography. Workshops and performance will be held at The Lyric Theatre and Cultural Center on West Third Street.

Along with Mardi Love’s workshops on Friday, there will be jewelry and clothing vendors. The Red Camel will bring jewelry and textiles from India, China, and Morocco both vintage and new; D.Webb Designs makes functional dance wear and street wear; Irie Tribal makes pantaloons, skirts and tops for the tribal dancer that can also be worn for evening or day wear. And Calamity Duane, silversmith. His influences draw heavily from classic Southwestern style, tribal textiles and jewelry. The general public is invited to shop on Saturday. 

For More Information about "One Veiling”:

Contact: Teresa Tomb at 859-254-9790 or at meccadancestudio@gmail.com

For More Information about fall classes and Mardi Love’s workshops:

For classes, join the Facebook page Mecca Live Studio & Gallery or the web page link at http://www.meccadance.com/classes or contact Teresa Tomb above

To register for the workshops: http://www.meccadance.com/workshops.html.

Date: Sunday, November 24, 2019

Time: 7:00pm

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