Lyric Spring Break Programming

"The Artist’s Eye”:
Lyric Theatre Artist Residency Program for 6
th-12th graders 

April 3 - April 7, 2017 | 8:30 am - 1:00pm

Please Note: The Class will take place at UK's School of Art & Visual Studies

(On Bolivar Street in between South Upper Street and South Broadway Street)

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During the 2017 session of 'The Artist's Eye', The Lyric and UK School of Art & Visual Studies teamed together to formulate a class focused on 'Defining American': Taking experiences and knowledge from different artists & different backgrounds and showing how the compilation, blending, and evolution of different cultural backgrounds help define and enrich our country and its people. 

Students will be working on two different projects during the 5 day intensive - learn some more about the instructors and projects below!


with Instructors Madison Cowles Serna and Alan Serna

Alan Serna was born in Huanusco, Zacatecas in Mexico.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  He is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate and an instructor of record at the University of Kentucky. Madison Cowles Serna earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at San  Antonio in 2013.  She is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the  University of Kentucky.  She is originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming and has spent the majority of her life in Texas.

In this project, students will create silk-screen printed and hand drawn flags, based on a merging of symbolism of the American flag, flags of other countries and personal interests. These flags will be composed of the silhouettes of everyday objects that a refugee would hold dear, family photos, everyday items held in pockets, things that could be packed in a hurry. 



with Instructor Lizz Hamilton

Lizz Hamilton is an MFA studio art candidate at University of Kentucky. She was born in San Pedro, CA, and received her BA(Hons) from Central Saint Martins in London, UK. Her work explores folklore, magic, religion, and ritual. 

In this project, students will investigate the process of zine-making as a quick, DIY method of disseminating ideas, stories, and personal beliefs. We will look into different forms of book-making, including tiny matchbook zines, work on image manipulation by hand and with a photocopier, and discuss found object collage, and layout techniques. Each student is encouraged to bring their own interests and preferred style of making work- painting, drawing, or writing stories- and learn how to share those in book and zine format. The class will culminate in a zine exchange, where students will swap books with their classmates, as well as building up their own library of work. Each student will have a finalized zine of their own, and each will contribute two pages to a larger collaborative zine in which everyone’s work will be featured.

Every day, students will explore ideas related to American identity, immigration, and refugees. Students will look at the work of immigrant and refugee artists and make work related to these topics. 

To enroll for 'The Artist's Eye' 2017 program, please click here!