Lyric Spring Break Programming

Check out the overview of our 2016 Lyric Spring Break Program, and check back for updated info on the 2017 program!

"The Artist’s Eye”:
Lyric Theatre Artist Residency Program for 8
th-12th graders 

March 28-April 1, 2016 | 10:00 am - 3:00pm

Artists from around the country who took their time served in federal prison facilities to develop their current careers as working artists will work with 8
th-12thgraders in Lexington, Kentucky for an intensive visual art program during spring break. Since becoming returning citizens over the past few years, these artists work within communities and potential "at-risk” demographics to provide intensive visual art instruction and instill the concept that young people can make progressive, productive choices about their futures that do not have to end in incarceration.

Through a daily intensive program, students will learn and practice various visual art forms including painting, decoupage, and transfers, to culminate in a group show at the end of the week. Students will also go on one field trip to a local gallery as well as meet local artists so they may learn more about the visual arts opportunities in their own community. 

Enrollment for the 2016 Lyric Spring Break Program is now closed. Please check back for our announcement of our 2016 Lyric Summer Youth Programming in early April.