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The Lyric's mission includes celebrating diverse cultures, with special emphasis on African American cultural heritage, through artistic presentation of the highest quality. With our rotating exhibits in our Gallery & Museum, The Lyric is able to highlight the talents of local, regional and national artists, all free of charge for the public to view and enjoy.

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In our Museum, The Lyric is extremely proud to feature works of community artists and artist groups who have donated their work to us. These artists represent the diversity and core of our mission, and we are proud to host their work for all of our patrons and supporters to enjoy. Current artists on display: Adan Utrero, Enrique Gonzalez, Agustin Zarate, Jared Owens, Mercedes Harn, 2016 'Artist's Eye' Program Participants.

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Along with our community partners who donate work to The Lyric, we also feature rotating artists/groups of artists on our Lyric Featured Artist wall in our museum.

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In The Lyric's Gallery

KS Lachheb: 'Between Two Worlds'

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Passion of the Latinx Art: 'Our Passion in Color'

On the Current Exhibit:

KS Lachheb: 'Between Two Worlds'

Karim S. Lachheb, also known as Kai, is an international, Moroccan born American artist, poet, translator, gastronome, and world traveler.  Having been granted a scholarship to attend the Tetouan Ecole des Beaux Arts in his native Morocco in 78, he was awarded a full American scholarship with distinction, to pursue his higher studies at SVA (The School of Visual Arts) in New York City, where he received his BFA. He then went on to Graduate school at New York University where he completed his Master of Fine Arts Education at the Barney School of Fine Arts.

Lachheb describes himself as a lover of life and a proponent of peace and universal living whereby the human species could exist as one diverse, conscious, free thinking, and especially imaginative and creative family in a war-free, sustainable, unprejudiced, and rational world.

As an artist, Lachheb’s approach goes beyond category, cultural and geographical boundaries, or affiliation with any ideology whatever it may be, pre-established notions about art, or the following of any so-called group movement or specific style. As a result, his work is wide-ranging in style, methodology, concept, and offers a great variety of series in subject matter; from the purely imaginative to artwork addressing humanitarian issues and man-made environmental disasters. Lachheb combines all of this with his passionate love for the written word. His paintings are to be found in various collections across the world from New York, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki and Tokyo, to Bangkok, Honolulu, Toronto, Cork, Hamburg, Tangiers and many other places.

As a creative person and a mature artist, K.S Lachheb’s lifestyle reflects his philosophy which is to simply live and let live; have reverence and compassion for the entire planet including all of its species, transcend differences between all peoples of the earth through mutual respect, conscious understanding, enlightened thinking, and most of all an emphasis on creativity and imagination- which is as the great Spanish artist Francisco De Goya said: is the source of all marvels and the mother of all the arts.

The theme is: "Between Two Worlds" a summing up of over thirty years of experience as an African-born  American visual artist. I compiled a very brief list of paintings representing three crucial periods of my artistic career,  in which I express my concern about the human approach towards the environment in which we live; the effects of permanent war and the pollution all of this generates and which threatens our existence and indeed all life on earth!


Gallery Hop: Friday, July 20

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Passion of the Latinx Art: 'Our Passion in Colors'

In The Lyric's Historic Lobby

Astarre' Gudino

Mark Lenn Johnson

work will be on display in The Lyric’s Main Lobby


Astarre' Gudino:

Astarre’ Gudino’s love of the arts presented itself in her early years through poetry and drawing.  The poetry was great, the drawings, not so much. Over the years, she rechanneled her artistic desires into graphics and communication. For over 20 years she worked to better her community through her employers, working for organizations like the Human Rights Commission, Grant Management with the Cervical Cancer Free-Kentucky initiative, Human Resources associate with the Kentucky Department of Revenue and Program Creation, Development and Management with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) .

About Four years ago, while working two jobs, equaling around 18 hours a day and raising two preteens, she started to draw again. This time, she never attempted to make a shape, just evoke an emotion. She never realized how much abstract art would change her life. She decided that her first loves, art and Law, should meet once again. She was accepted into the NKU Salmon P. Chase Law School in 2015, opened an art gallery in Lexington in 2017, and will graduate law school in 2018. All of this while raising two successful and well-mannered teenage boys.

When you see Astarre’s art, you should see the beauty of the struggle. The beauty of pain. And the Beauty of life. Her use of glitter or  dust on the top of her paintings symbolizes the beauty that is always seen on the surface, while trying to figure out what is going on in the background.

Astarre’ Gudino has a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications & Public Relations from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and holds certifications through Command Spanish (a job specific Spanish training company) and Small Business Start-up trainer certifications through NxLevel. Mrs. Gudino also served as the Kentucky State Administrator for the NxLevel Education (Entrepreneurship) Foundation from 2007-20011 and served two years as the Southeast Marketing Chair for the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) foundation. Gudino is still very active in promoting entrepreneurship throughout the state. 

When Gudino is not studying for one of her legal courses at NKU Salmon P. Chase Law School she works as an Intern for Micah Legal, Kentucky’s first sliding scale law firm and serves on several boards including the Board of Directors of LexArts, the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and the Board of Directors for the Lyric Theatre.

She looks forward to "Arting In Open Spaces” with you!

Mark Lenn Johnson:

Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and spending a number of his formative years growing up in the city’s historic East Side, Mark Lenn Johnson, is currently the President of Art Inc. Kentucky, a non-profit business and marketing incubator for artists operated by Community Ventures.  

After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Mathematics in 1989, Johnson began a very rewarding career in the field of banking, rising to become one of the youngest Vice Presidents at his bank.  Having a desire to be of more service to his hometown of Lexington and then later to his home state, Johnson left the banking industry and became involved in the small business/economic development industry eventually being promoted to, after a number of years, directly oversee the state of Kentucky’s Small Business/Entrepreneurial Development program within the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.  

It was during this time that Johnson began pursuing his own small business aspirations – aspirations that would eventually lead him to becoming a glass artist.

While at the Cabinet for Economic Development, Johnson saw the great desire that Kentucky’s artists had for business development programs and services.  With that desire in mind, Johnson initiated a partnership with the Kentucky Arts Council, a state operated entity, and provided business classes targeted and created especially for artists.

After spending almost 10 years in state government, Johnson returned to Community Ventures, his first job in economic development, to oversee its business and mortgage lending activities, but all the while, he pursued his artistic pathway.

After expanding his artistic body of work to include not only glassmaking but abstract painting and creative photography as well, Johnson was invited to show a collection of his abstract paintings at one of New York City’s largest art shows – ArtExpo 2016.  As a result of that event, Johnson was invited to show his work later that same year at the Louvre in Paris, France.

In early 2017, Johnson was recognized by Art Tour International Magazine as one of the magazine’s Top 60 Contemporary Artists of the Year.  He participated in a group show and received his award at a ceremony in Florence, Italy in late May.

Johnson’s circle is now complete – having the opportunity to work with artists on a daily basis to help them successfully grow their businesses, generate exposure and create additional income for themselves while getting to add to the cultural, social and economic vibrancy of his childhood neighborhood, the historic East End of Lexington.